Make Glass Cake

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Using Leftover Sponge and Buttercream from other videos in combination with fresh fruit, a glass cake is an amazing gift or treat for any occasion!

1) Add Buttercream and diced fruits to your 3 sponge layers

2) Apply Your Crumb Coat and refrigerate for about 15 minutes

3) Add another layer of buttercream, as clean or messy as you want

the design in the video is ocean themed, the buttercream was made into waves

4)Fill The exterior with fresh fruits

*Refrigerate 15 minutes so the buttercream gets set and locks the fruits in place*

Make the Jelly:

1)Put half the water in the gelatin and the other half in a pot to boil

2)Boil the sugar, vanilla essence along with the water

3) once boiled, pour into the gelatin mix and stir well

*Let Cool to room temperature. If the jelly is too hot it will melt